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Surety of authenticity in "Dhanalakshmi" Labelled Coffee Powder, Roasted Coffee Beans Powder

About Us

An energizing beverage that makes all sleepy heads turn creative is Coffee. A cup of coffee is the most benefiting beverage that not only profits human body in terms of nutrition it provides, but also makes morning and evening chats better. But for people who think buying any ordinary coffee would gain those nutritional benefits are highly mistaken because ordinary and unlabelled coffee packs give no surety of good quality coffee beans used to make coffee powder. A company that offers "Dhanalakshmi" labelled Coffee Powder and gives surety to the consumers that it is processed hygienically using selective and high quality coffee beans is Dhanalakshmi Coffee Works India Pvt. Ltd. Founded in the year 1962 and being managed by the very talented, intelligent and hardworking Mr. Pradeep A (Director), the company is enjoying all the attention it is getting as a Manufacturer and Wholesaler/Distributor, in Indian market for bringing forth healthy, flavourful and FSSAI approved Filter Coffee Powder and Roasted Coffee Beans Powder.